Starting GroupWise WebAccess

  1. Use your Web browser to go to the URL your administrator gives you, such as http://server/gw/webacc, or an IP address such as

    If you need to find your GroupWise administrator, ask the person who gave you your GroupWise user name and password.

  2. On the GroupWise WebAccess login page, enter your user name and password.

  3. (Conditional) If you’re using a small mobile device such as a mobile phone, click Options, then select Use the basic interface.

    The basic interface has limited functionality and graphics. It is designed to perform the most basic tasks in GroupWise WebAccess. To close the basic interface, close all Web browsers and launch WebAccess again, then deselect Use the basic interface.

    For information on how to use the basic interface, see the GroupWise 18 WebAccess Basic Quick Start.

  4. Click Sign in.

    Your GroupWise mailbox opens.

    If you are unable to log in, click the Can’t log in? link on the login page for more information about how to get your password reset in your organization.

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